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Since 5-11-2007
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SMALL BOWL #S236(4.75” x 2”) 255 gm

Note D#4 Fundamental 2nd Chakra/Sacral/Svadhisthana ~ 304 hz
Note G#5Harmonic5thChakra/Throat/Vishuddha~ 836 hz

Grounding and creative 2nd & 5th Chakra energy bowl in the 432hz spectrum. Artisan circle designs on interior and hand hammering thru out.

Reg. Price $335.00. Sale price $235.00


MEDIUM BOWL #M216 (7” x 3”) 495 gm

Note A Fundamental 6th Chakra/Crown/Sahasrara
Note A Harmonic 6th Chakra/Crown/Sahasrara

Very old 6th Chakra lighter weight Remuna style bowl. Very
good hit with beautiful wood & leather mallet spin and nice
sounding harmonic. Well worn older circle designs inside and
out in good condition with some interior marks.

Reg. price $395.00.
Sale price $295.00

MEDIUM BOWL #M255 (7"x 3.5") 730 gm

Note G# Fundamental 5th Chakra/Throat/Vishuddha 204 hz
Note C# Harmonic 1st Chakra/RootMuladhara 569 hz

Ancient Thadobati bowl with 5th & 1st Spiritual Chakra energy. Ancient markings on exterior sides and interior circle designs characterize this bowl. Great tone and dark patina is evident on this older bronze bowl and very easy to play with a nice Harmonic.

Reg. Price $475.00
Sale price $375.00

C-9 marks

SMALL BOWL #S237(4.75” x 2.25”) 370 gm

Note F#4 Fundamental 4th Chakra/Heart/Anahata ~ 364 hz
Note Bb6Harmonic7th Chakra/Crown/Sahasrara~ 1884 hz

Heart and crown 4th & 7th Chakra vibration bowl in the 432hz scale spectrum. Artisan crescent moon designs on edge and hand hammering thru out.

Reg. Price $355.00. Sale price $255.00

C-9+ interior marks

LARGE BOWL #L086 (9.5” x 4.5”) 1185 gm

Note G Fundamental 5th Chakra/Throat/Vishuddha
Note G Harmonic 5th Chakra/Throat/Vishuddha

Beautiful and well made large but easily hand holdable lightweight
Jambati bowl with great projection and ancient circle designs both
inside and out. 5th Chakra creative energies are abundant with nice
wood/leather mallet spin and clear harmonic.

Regular Price $995.00
Sale Price $495.00

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SMALL BOWL #S225 (5” x 2.5”) 310 gm.

Note D#4 Fundamental 2nd Chakra/Sacral/Svadhisthana
Note G5 Harmonic 5th Chakra/Throat/Vishuddha

Ancient bowl with 2nd & 5th chakra energy having artisan hammer markings and clear sound in the 432hz scale range.

Reg. price $345.00
Sale price $245.00 - SOLD


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MEDIUM BOWL #M249 (7”x 3.5”) 760 gm.

Note D#3 Fundamental 2nd Chakra/Sacral/Svadhisthana
Note E5 Harmonic 3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus/Manipura

Beautiful and Ancient Thadobati bowl with artisan etchings on the exterior edge with smooth sides. 2Nd & 3rd Chakra energies and a long strong tone in perfect pitch.

Reg. Price $695.00
Sale price $495.00


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MEDIUM BOWL #M250 (7.25”x 3.5”) 740 gm.

Note E3 Fundamental 3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus/Manipura
Note Bb4 Harmonic 7th Chakra/Crown/Sahasrara

Ancient Thadobati bowl has a good projecting tone in 432hz scale range. This antique bowl is offered with beautiful tonal qualities and 3rd & 7th chakra energies. Ancient bronze metal on this bowl.

Reg. Price $495.00 Sale price $395.00

C-9- marks inside.

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