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C = Physical construction. Positives and negatives.
S = Spinning qualities.
H = Hit/strike. Length of dominant tone when hit once.
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Click HERE for more in-depth information on Singing Bowls in general and our Grading System.
Most bowls will perform one function better than another whether spinning or hitting. Some do both well but this is rarer.
Our grading system is as follows, we use a 6 to 10 grade for all the qualities below. Look for 9's to 10's for a great bowl.
Keep in mind that sometimes a bowl does one thing well and another thing not so well such as a bowl with a great dominant tone, but a silent or non-existent harmonic note.
Just because the bowl gets a 7 score for its harmonic be sure to look to the other sections to get a better view of the bowls complete sound value.
All of our bowls come with
Wooden Mallets.
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Remember, ALWAYS use headphones to listen to bowl samples.
LARGE BOWL #C20J7 (11.25” x 5.5”) 2265 gm

Note C#3 Fundamental 1st Chakra/Root/Muladhara ~ 135 hz
Note G#4 Harmonic5th Chakra/Throat/Vishuddha ~ 410 hz

Long tone Antique Jambati Golden Bowl with 1st & 5th Chakra
energy in 432hz scale. Very balanced warm clear tone and excellent
harmonic w/Artisan etched signature!

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228 William St. Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: 860-347-3220
LARGE BOWL #L091 (8.75” x 4”) 1180 gm

Note G2 Fundamental 5th Chakra 98 hz
Note C#4 Harmonic 1st Chakra/RootMuladhara ~ 277 hz

Excellent 5th & 1st Chakra bowl in Perfect Pitch. Exotic sounding hand hammered bowl with multiple harmonics.

Price $1295.00


Or watch at YouTube here
Himalayan Forest Healing Chakra Bowl Set

This Himalayan Forest Healing set consists of seven large
Jambati bowls featuring the 7 Chakra tones, consecutively from
low to high, notes ABCDEFG (A Minor scale).

Sizes are from 8” to 11” and 2 bowls have ancient engraved
signatures on them. The tones blend beautifully and this set
nests together into 2 smaller groupings for easier transport. This
set includes rare smaller and lighter weight Jambati bowls for
effortless handling and space considerations.

This is the perfect large bowl set for Chakra healing and

Please call for Price.
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Or watch at YouTube here
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Size: 11.25" x 5.5"
Weight: 1985 gm
Note A# Fundamental tone ~ 6th Chakra ~Ajna~3rd Eye

Note F Harmonic ~ 4th Chakra~Anahata~Heart
Great older bowl. Beautiful tone with very clear harmonics and 6th & 4th Chakra energy. Circle designs inside and line designs outside with clear artisan hammering visible. Wonderful playing characteristics! Call for price.

C-10- interior marks
Or watch at YouTube here
LARGE BOWL #L092 (11.25” x 5.25”) 1890 gm

Note G2 Fundamental 5th Chakra 100 hz
Note E4 Harmonic 3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus/Manipura ~ 321 hz

Excellent 5th & 3rd Chakra bowl. Long tone antique bowl.

Price $1895.00


Or watch on YouTube here
Or watch on YouTube here
LARGE BOWL #L093 (11.25” x 5.5”) 1985 gm

Note Bb2 Fundamental 7th Chakra/Crown/Sahasrara ~ 115 hz
Note F4Harmonic 4th Chakra/Heart/Anahata ~ 351 hz

Projecting Crown Chakra bowl w/ancient artisan hammer marks and line designs on this Perfect Pitch bowl.

Regular Price $1795.00


Or watch on YouTube here
LARGE BOWL #L096 (10.5” x 5”) 1500 gm

Note G#2 Fundamental 5th Chakra/Throat/Vishuddha ~ 105 hz
Note E4 Harmonic 3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus/Manipura ~ 320 hz

Finely made lighter weight (easy to hold in hand) Antique Jambati Bowl with 5th & 3rd Chakra energy. Excellent warm & resonant long tone with great Harmonic and OM sound!


Or watch on YouTube here
LARGE BOWL #L095 (11.75” x 5.75”) 2485 gm

Note A2 Fundamental 6th Chakra/3rd Eye/Ajna ~ 112 hz
Note F4 Harmonic 4th Chakra/Heart/Anahata ~ 343 hz

Powerful 3rd Eye & Heart Chakra large bowl. Ancient patina on this wonderful sounding old soul bowl.

C-9- oxidation
Or watch on YouTube here
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Contact us for price