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Temple Sounds chakra and symphonic sets are both rare and of very high quality. Our healing sets were cherry picked by us from thousands of bowls and represent a fantastic value to the healer and energy worker who needs excellent bowls for their clients but does not have the years to spend searching bowl by bowl for a complete set.

These bowls were specially picked for use with the upper, mid and lower chakras, their corresponding tones ranging from the highest piccolo to the lowest bass and also with the focus of sounding wonderfully together.

Our sets are offered at great prices for the professional or serious student of singing bowls and sound therapy.

Temple Sounds offers the best prices for full high quality sets anywhere.
Remember, ALWAYS use headphones to listen to bowl samples.
Silver Buddha 7 Bowl Chakra Set

This 7 Bowl chakra set comprises fundamental notes in G/A/B/C/D/E/F. Artisan hand crafted 7 bowl chakra set voices 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th chakra energies.

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4.25”x2.75”/4”x2.75”/4”x2.5”) 345gm/385gm/320gm

Notes C#/D#/F Fundamentals
Notes F/G/Bb Harmonics

This unique and rare tiny pedestal set offers the Singing Bowl Healer 1st/2nd & 4th Chakra energy on the fundamentals and 4th/5th & 7th Chakra energy on the harmonics. Pedestal Bowls are strong healing bowls that can be reversed when held by the base. They are some of the most unique bowls in the Singing Bowl world. These tiny portable sets don’t come around too often so please consider this beautiful set for your spiritual practice. Your clients will love the healing effects!

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This 12 Bowl Mani Set is to our knowledge the only set of its type in the world. It took us over 12 years to find the required twelve Mani bowls with the correct tones of the highest quality to make this set.

The set comprises 12 notes starting from note B and going up to note A# at the highest. This unique set contains 10 Mani Bowls of the oldest and highest quality at approx. 8", and 2 smaller Mani antique bowls at approx. 5" to 6".

Mani Bowls are typified by their wonderful high tones. These are known for having some of the highest tones in the Singing Bowl world as well as their ancient appearance.

All 12 Mani Bowl notes are diatonic consecutive just like the piano keyboard. B/C/C#/D/D#/E/F/F#/G/G#/A/A#.

This Himalayan Mountain Top Chromatic Mani Set may be purchased as a full 12 Bowl Chromatic set, or 7 Bowl Chakra set B/C/D/E/F/G/A or a 5 Bowl Pentatonic set C#/D#/F#/G#/A.
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Mani Chakra Healing 5 Set

Notes G#/A#/C#/D#/F#

This unique and rare set offers the Meditator and Healer 4th & 5th Octave Healing Bowls in the Pentatonic scale.

Mani Bowls are very strong toned bowls with a marked sonic clearing effect. They are some of the most ancient and unique bowls in the Singing Bowl world. Great for your Yoga or Healing practice. Also great for meditation on the highest auric energies and bringing in the light.

This wonderful set consists of twelve Thadobati Bowls with sacred
inscribed designs (Buddha Eyes, Double Dorje etc.) in the notes

Bowls are sized from 5” to 6.5” and have long melodius tones. All bowls are incredibly well matched with the ability to heal all the chakras and balance the aura while maintaining easy portability and handling and at a reasonable cost.

Please contact for price.


This set consists of one ancient 4” B note Thadobati and seven 4.5” to 6.25” antique Manipuri bowls.

All bowls are easily transportable (as they nest together) for your healing sessions and concerts. This set works with all the Chakras and covers one complete octave from note C to high C. Notes are C/D/E/F/G/A/B/C. This set is perfect for the person that wants a great sounding smaller antique set that does not take up a lot of space.

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Modern Bronze Pentatonic Chakra Set ~ 5 Bowls

Sizes 6.5" to 9"

This 5 bowl Pentatonic set comprises fundamental tones D/E/G/A/B in the 3rd octave (2nd/3rd/5th/6th & 7th chakra vibrations) and all 5 bowls sounds wonderfully together in the Pentatonic scale and play easily while projecting powerfully and toning the 4th thru 6th octave harmonics in notes A/Bb/D/Eb/E.

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Healing Tara 12 bowl Chromatic Chakra set

In 3 different set configurations...
5 note Pentatonic set ~ notes F#4/G#4/A#4/C#5/D#5
7 note Chakra set ~ notes E4/F4/G4/A4/B4/C5/D5
12 bowl Chromatic set combining the 2 above sets together.

All bowls play wonderfully and have long tones.
All 12 notes of the piano scale as well as all 7 Chakras are represented and bowl sizes are approx. 3.75" to 5"
Perfect for aura cleansing/adjustment in a very portable package.

Please call for price on either 5/7/12 bowl configurations!

Please contact for price.
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Ganesh Pentatonic 5 Large Bowl Set

Fundamental Notes: F#/G#/A#/C#/D#
Harmonic Notes: C#/E/F#/G#/A#

Wonderful Pentatonic Set! Sizes 10” to 11.25”

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Ganesh 7 Bowl Large Chakra Set

Fundamental Notes: G/A/B/C/D/E/F
Harmonic Notes: D/F/F#/G/A/Bb/C

Wonderful Antique Chakra Set!

Sizes 10” to 12”

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Angelic 8 Bowl Octave Set

Fundamental Notes: C/D/E/F/G/A/B/C
Harmonic Notes: F#/G/A/A/B/C#/D#/F

Wonderful Antique Octave set with Angelic tones!

Sizes 4” to 5.25”

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Antique Lingam 7 Bowl Chakra Set

Fundamental Notes: C/D/E/F/G/A/B
Harmonic Notes: F#/G#/B/C/C#/G#/F

Wonderful Rare Antique Lingam set with long tones!

Sizes 7.5” to 9”

Please contact for price.
Or watch at YouTube HERE
Or watch on YouTube HERE

Notes D/E/F/G/A/B/C (low to high tones) ~ 5th & 6th Octave ~ 4” to 2.75”

All 7 Chakras in this very portable Singing Bowl set are represented for a Great 7 Chakra higher octave sound experience. All bowls will work
wonderfully for healing and meditation.

Set includes 1 mallet.

Please contact for price.
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